vivo ipl 2021 player list

IPL 2021 Players List With Price- Vivo IPL All Team Auction List

A few days later one of the famous and biggest cricket event of short form namely IPL 2021 will begin with a number of players in list. The 14th Vivo IPL 2021 will be the most remarkable version in the history of Indian Premier League. Cricket means excitement. When it comes to IPL, the excitement becomes higher than any other thing exist in cricket. In this version of IPL the exhilaration will be more than the previous year. The highest number of currency has been paid to buy each player in this event. Chris Morris, Virat Kholi, MS Dhoni, Glean Maxwell, Sakib Al Hasan is playing in IPL 2021.  

IPL 2021 Team List

A sum of eight teams is about to play the IPL 2021 version. Board of Control of Indian Cricket has disclosed the list of the team for IPL 2021. In 2020, IPL had ten team in the list that played against each other. Being played outside India, the previous version of IPL could not draw huge attention. However, this year that will be totally different. Here is the list of the team that is set for contesting IPL 2021:

IPL 2021 Team List

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Delhi Capitals
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders
  4. Mumbai Indians
  5. Punjab Kings
  6. Rajasthan Royals
  7. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  8. Sunrisers Hyderabad

IPL 2021 Team Players list

According to the latest statistics, one hundred and ninety six players are set to play in the IPL 2021 under eight team. Out of the total number sixty four players are overseas players in IPL this edition. Consequently, the Indian native players number is one hundred and thirty two. BCCI has fixed that none of the team will be able to buy more than eight foreign players this year.

From the official record, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Punjab Kings are the top two teams who spent the highest amount of money for buying players. You can get total list of the players of IPL 2021 under each team from here.

IPL 2021 Auction Players List

Auction is the platform where each of the team of IPL buys and sells its players. It is the process where one team can buy a player of another team. Recently the IPL 2021 Auction has completed with buying player as per list. Here we have given the short list of the player who have been bought and sold in IPL auction. So, grab the list and know what players are sold and who are not not sold in IPL 2021 auction with most accurate information.

IPL will not come only with excitement, rather it will bring a massive change in the people who favour cricket. Especially the short form of cricket has become very famous over the years. Players is now wanted from very different corner of the world to participate in T-20 league. IPL is one of the big event where cricket players from eighteen countries are going to take part.

IPL Players Price list 2021

From the point of view price, this IPL in 2021 is a remarkable one. The most expensive player in the history of IPL gets this season. The highest price for a single player in IPL 2021 is more than 16 crore in Indian rupee. Rajasthan Royals has to pay ₹16,25,00,000 as price for a single player, Christopher Morris. So, you can easily anticipate the IPL players price list 2021.

On the contrary, Royal Challengers Bangalore costs ₹15,00,00,000 and ₹14,25,00,000 for Kyle Jamieson and Glenn Maxwell. So, the price is very high this time IPL. So, if you want to get the full player price list 2021, check the below file.

IPL 2021 All Team Players List

There are a total of 196 players under all team is going to play in the IPL 2021. The all team player list will be here with short biography. So, IPL 2021 list of players is now available online for our cricket lovers. IPL auction 2021 team players has been recently updated now with the information of players previous cricket match history. Therefore, your knowing of the IPL team can allow to arrange more debate in the upcoming vivo IPL season.

IPL 2021 Players List RCB

RCB is one of the prominent team that is going to vie in this season of Vivo IPL 2021 tournament. In the RCB team, a good number of well-know player has been bought in the auction. You can easily get IPL 2021 rcb team players list from this unique place. The rcb team 2021 players list has been updated with a new price. Our rcb team 2021 will vie for a number of matches in this season. So, rcb team 2021 list very crucial to know if you a supporter of RCB. 

Therefore get your IPL 2021 team list rcb with the title now. The IPL rcb team 2021 can be your wanting at present with most deliberate answer. Royal Challengers Bangalore Squad List captain is the Virat Kohli. The RCB player list includes AB de Villiers and so on.

IPL 2021 Players List RCB

IPL 2021 CSK Players List

Chennai Super Kings is also one of the vital team in the IPL T-20 short form. MS Dhoni is the captain of the team. IPL 2021 CSK has a total of 25 players in its list or squad. So, csk 2021 players list is now available for the cricket lovers. If you are supporter of Chennai Super Kings, then you cannot but to be sure about csk players 2021.

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